Mission Statement:  To fulfill the mission statement of CAGFGBC by making disciples for Jesus Christ according to Matt 28:19-20.

Purpose:  Changing A Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church Christian Education Department purpose is to make disciples for Christ by teaching them to observe all things Jesus taught  the early disciples and what the apostles concerning the doctrine of Christ.  We will accomplish this by growing our congregants of all ages  by means of bible study, training and enrichment activities which provide a caring and supportive loving environment with the goal of developing the total person—spirit, mind and body. Areas of Ministry consist of the Sunday School Department; Vacation Bible School; Lead! Empowerment; Systematic Theology Classes; Doctrine of Christ Foundational Principles Class; CAG Christian Education Board Doctrine Committee; Spiritual Gift & Leadership Assessment Profile; Leadership Training; Paul S. Morton Bible College and School of Ministry; Continuing Education Classes; Guest Speaker Program. 

Since the Christian Education Ministry co-labors with other ministries within the church and community with the  purpose of giving individuals the opportunity to learn and demonstrate the fullness of Christian love and attributes toward others the following are areas of ministry covered by the Christian Education Department:  College of Elders & Ministerial Preaching Program and Training; New Members Orientation for Ministry at CAGFGBC; Children and Youth Ministry Programs; Entrepreneurship Ministry; Deacon Ministry and all ministries within the church that teaches their members.

Vision:  Through a five step process entitled the 5 pillars of Christian Discipleship which are: education, demonstration, impartation, application and adulation we envision making effective disciples for Christ.  Christ educated his disciples, Christ demonstrated to his disciples, Christ